Frequently Asked Questions


How is my price determined?

Prices for custom printing and embroidery are determined by a variety of factors. Quantity of garments, number of ink colors, and number of print locations are the primary factors that affect price.

Graphic design prices are determined by the type of project. Logo and identity design is a different process than t-shirt designs. Web design is also determined by a variety of factors depending on the project.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order for custom printing is 25 pieces per design

For orders of 25 pieces, you may split that order up between 2 different colors or garments if you wish as long as the design is the same on all of them.

Maximum number of garments options per 100 pieces is 4. This means if you’re ordering 100 t-shirts, you can only split that order between 4 different colors or styles of t-shirts.

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround times are as follows:

Screen printing: 7-10 business days

Design work for t-shirt designs: 7-10 business days

Logo/Identity Design : Call for estimate

Custom labels such as hem tags/patches: 2-4 weeks

Hem tag stitching: 5-7 business days

RUSH ORDERS are available for a 15-25% rush fee depending on how soon you need it.

Can I order a sample of the garment before placing a order?

We generally do not print samples, however we will provide a digital mockup of how your order will look prior to printing. We do this to keep our prices low and save you money in the long run. Samples take time to set up and print, which slows down our production time.

If you’re local and you would like to see a test print prior to having your order printed, we can arrange a time for you to some see your test print, but you must approve your print on-site so that it does not hold up production.

If you’re planning on placing a high volume order (500+ pieces) and you absolutely need a sample printed, please contact us for a quote.


How will my shirts ship?

We typically ship UPS by default, but if you need us to ship via USPS or FedEx let us know and we’ll get you a shipping quote.

Can you deliver my shirts if I am local?

For local orders, we request that you pick up your order. If you need delivery, we charge $15 per box but we don’t have the staff to deliver to everyone. Let us know ahead of time if you need to request an order delivery.

Can I come pick up my shirts?

Yes! We are open for customer pickups 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, call to request a shipping quote.


What file format should I submit my design in?

We accept most high resolution art file types including: PDF, PSD, AI, JPG, TIFF, and PNG. We do no accept Word or Publisher files as art.

Please note that if your artwork is low resolution or not print-ready art we may need to charge an art setup fee of $25 minimum to prepare your artwork for print.

What size should my artwork be?

Ideally, your art should be sent at the exact size you wanted it printed with a resolution of 300dpi. In addition, if you are sending a Photoshop file, you’ll want to have each color on a separate layer.

A typical adult t-shirt design is usually printed between 10-14 inches wide. We can print up to 14″x17″ on most orders. Anything larger than that will be considered an oversized print.

Do I own any artwork you create for me?

Logo and Identity design work will be released to you as your artwork forever. Any other artwork we create for you is only licensed to you for use as described at the time of creation.

Example: If you hire us to create a t-shirt design, the design fee covers our labor as well as your right to use the artwork as a t-shirt design only. We retain rights to the artwork itself. If you intend on using the artwork on any other merchandise other than apparel or for any other purpose, please as contact us for permission or to buy the artwork outright.


What types of printing do you offer?

We offer screen printing and embroidery for apparel, and digital printing for paper products such as business cards, postcards, brochures etc. We also offer digital printing for banners and other signage.

Can you print over seams and zippers?

We can print over seams and zippers, but depending on the job we sometimes charge extra for specialty print locations. Keep in mind that when printing over uneven surfaces, there will be inconsistencies in the print which are unavoidable. We stand behind our work, but in the case of printing over zippers, we will print our best but we cannot offer refunds for this type of print if you don’t like it. If you’re not sure about what to expect, just ask!

Can you match custom Pantone colors?

We can match most pantone colors, but keep in mind that the colors will be approximate. Different inks, printing styles, and garment materials can all have an impact on the final color. If you have a specific final result you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll discuss it with you to try to get the best possible outcome.

Will I receive a proof before the order goes to print?

We always send digital proofs for you to approve before printing your order. The only exception is when we print reorders for customers that reprint the same designs and garments on a regular basis.

Do you offer All-Over screen printing?

No, we do not offer all-over printing at this time.


How much do I have to pay to get started?

For most custom screen printing or embroidery orders we require 100% payment upfront. Any other payment terms must be approved by management.

For graphic design services, we charges a 50% deposit and the balance is due upon art approval.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, company check, and credit/debit cards


If I don't like my shirts, can I return them?

We fully stand behind our workmanship and if you receive a defective product, we will happily reprint or refund the defective items!

We do the best we can to help you understand ahead of time what your order will look like and what to expect. We cannot return order for the sole reason that you simply don’t like it, but if there is something wrong with your order that is clearly a mistake on our end, please let us know as soon as possible and we will discuss options to resolve the issue.

Have Questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding an order, getting a free quote or just to say hello. We would love to hear from you!

Office Hours: 8am – 5pm CT Monday – Friday