Starting Your Own Brand: Marketing

September 17th, 2018


Having a solid marketing plan for your company is how you will get your stuff out there for the world to see.
Online marketing is an everchanging field, so you’ve gotta stay on top of it to stay relevant.
If you want to get the most out of these resources, keeping up with your posts plays a big roll.
People love to see what you’re up to consistently, and engagements tend to go down if you post a few times this week, then go dark for the next few weeks before your next post.

Your social accounts are how most people know what you’re up to, so keep them in the know!
Sitting down and planning out your posts in advance is super helpful, too.
It’s difficult to decide on the spot what photo to post and what it should say – Instead, we suggest sitting down to plan out your posts for at least a week or so. You can get in the zone by doing this and write better, more engaging posts.
Another great marketing tool (that’s free, we might add!) is email blasts.
This is a great way to keep your loyal customers in the know, giving them special offers and discounts to keep them coming back for more, while also increasing their investment in your brand.
We’ve seen huge benefits from using Mailchimp for our newsletter.


Another great thing to keep in mind is posts with photos & videos tend to get way more engagement then those without.
So start snappin’ and share your photos along with your posts!
Also, try sprinkling in posts that don’t prompt your customers to buy something. If you only post “BUY THIS” type of stuff, you may lose them due to your account seeming like a sales pitch all the time.
Ask yourself if what you’re posting is something you would like to see as a follower, and if it adds value to your customers.