Starting Your Own Brand: Printing

August 29th, 2018


Printing is the next big thing when it comes to owning your own brand. The wrong printer and you could end up with low quality goods with inconsistent, low quality prints where the design is off-center by 2”.

Having the right printer with the know-how to get the job done right is paramount when you own your own clothing line.

It’s important to find someone that is knowledgable, helpful, willing to answer your questions and can provide you with top-notch services consistently. It’s a huge bummer getting an older order restocked and realizing the ink color is completely different because the company you used doesn’t have a good ink mixing system or doesn’t pay much attention to details.

With our proofing system here at AmbitoinCo we ensure that what you approved is what you’ll get – “Close enough” isn’t in our vocabulary.


Get more bang for your buck when designing your items for your upcoming collection by offering the same design on multiple color ways or garments – We offer price breaks for higher quantity orders which means you can print the same design on 2 different colored shirts or even completely different shirt models and get more variety for your money.

You can get a cheaper print price for doing more, while offering more variety to your customers by doing this.

Whether it’s offering the same shirt in several different colors, offering a t-shirt & a pullover with the same design, or even offering a Men’s & Women’s option, you can get more items to offer to your customers without getting a bigger bill.

You can also make your brand stand out even more by adding on hem tags, removing the original shirt label and printing your own or applying hang tags to the finished product. These are all services we provide here to offer you a completely retail-ready garment.

If you have any questions about printing, reach out to us today!